Seized Assets Fund

Historically, criminal confiscations were the property of the Crown and for this reason confiscated assets were recognised as the property of the Crown when the Seized Assets Fund (SAF) was set up in 1995. (HM Procureur has recently recommended that the Fund be placed on a statutory footing, in order to reflect evolving international obligations in this area and to put the Fund on a more modern and transparent footing. This proposal was considered by the Committee for Home Affairs and Policy & Resources Committee in 2019/20 and remains under consideration.)

The SAF may provide financial support to local initiatives and groups through the activities of the Community Account, governed by the Terms of Reference below.

Seized Assets Fund Community Account - Terms of Reference


Seized Assets Fund Community Account

"Please send all applications which fit within the terms of reference to HM Receiver General at the Law Officers of the Crown."

Fund Terms of Reference

1. Role and Purpose

The Seized Assets Fund Community Account (SAFCA) is a fund with an initial balance of £250,000 aimed at enhancing our community through crime reduction initiatives and by supporting relevant States' initiatives or charitable groups.

2. Governance

The SAFCA will be managed by the Seized Assets Fund Community Account Sub-Group which is a sub-group of the Seized Assets Fund Committee. Funding applications made to the SAFCA will be reviewed and approved by the Sub Group who will report annually to the Seized Assets Fund Committee.

3. Applications for Assistance

Applications made to the Seized Assets Fund Community Account must fill the following criteria:

 Value - a maximum of £50,000. This fund will not be used to replace services which should be provided and funded through States of Guernsey General Revenue, but may be used to fund "one off" expenditure items which complement the work done,

 Timescales - funding will be for projects with a defined timescale - maximum 2 years. Ongoing revenue expenditure is not allowable,

 Purpose - all applications must include a clear statement of purpose and should broadly contribute to crime reduction or to help victims of crime,

 Outcomes - An outline of the expected outcomes with clear measurements of success, if possible.

Under exceptional circumstances an application made outside of this framework may be approved by the SAFCASG providing all members of the group approve the request.

In addition, applications will be invited between the months of January to March and June to August every year, only.

4. Reporting

Any project which has been given funding from the SAFCA is expected to submit an annual report to the SAFCASG, which outlines how the monies given have been spent, whether the identified outcomes have been achieved and plans for any remaining funding.

Sub-Group (SAFCASG) Terms of Reference

1. Role and Purpose

The purpose of the SAFCASG is to review and decide on funding requests made to the Seized Assets Fund Community Account.

2. Term

These Terms of Reference are effective from 16th November 2017 and will be ongoing until terminated by the Seized Assets Fund Committee.

3. Membership

The SAFCASG will be comprised of:

 a Law Officer (HM Receiver General or deputy HM Receiver General),

 Chief Secretary, Home Affairs,

 Bethan Haines, States Treasurer,

 a representative from another States' service area may also be invited to attend as a delegate of the Chief Executive.

4. Meeting

a) Meetings will be chaired by HM Receiver General or deputy HM Receiver General.

b) A meeting quorum will be two of the three group members.

c) Decisions will be made by consensus (members being satisfied by the decision although it may not be their first choice). If this is not possible, the chairperson will make the final decision.

d) Meeting agendas will include:

 Minutes of the last meeting

 Funding requests received since last meeting

 Annual report received from benefactor since last meeting

 Financial update

e) Meeting minutes will be taken

f) Meetings will be held biannually, during the first week of April and during the first week of September.

g) If further meetings are required, then these can be called outside of the dates mentioned in point 4.f at a time that is convenient to all members of the SAFCASG.

5. Reporting

The States Treasurer will submit an annual report to the Seized Assets Fund Committee, which will include:

 Available balance of the fund

 Committed balance of the fund

 Brief overview of project outcomes during the period

 List of funding requests approved and rejected during the period

 Any request for further top-up funding from the Seized Assets Fund.


SAF- Expenditure Policy

Please click here for the SAF Expenditure Policy    pdf icon Seized Asset Fund Expenditure Policy [77kb]