Glossary of Terms

Bâtonnier - the senior officer of the Guernsey Bar Council

Délégués - Advocates who may exercise the functions and powers of the Law Officers

ECHR - European Convention on Human Rights

EU - European Union

Escheat - the reversion of property to the Crown where there is no lawful heir or beneficiary of the deceased

Fief - an estate of land (which might include privately owned property), frequently held on condition of feudal service

GFSC - Guernsey Financial Services Commission

Model Litigant Policy - the States of Guernsey Policy setting out the standards which the States aim to achieve in conducting litigation 

Requête - a request signed by at least 7 members of the States of Deliberation to debate a specified subject

Tertiary legislation - documents made under the authority of primary or secondary legislation e.g. rules, regulations and orders.

WTO - World Trade Organisation