Police coronial advice

This information is intended to assist Bailiwick Law Enforcement in coronial matters.

Flowchart of Procedures to assist Officers

flowchart of procedures for sudden deaths for police



















Declaration of Death and Limit of Time for Keeping the Body

A declaration of death must be made to the Registrar of Births and Deaths within five days after death under Article 9 of The Law Relating to the Registration of Births and Deaths in the Bailiwick of Guernsey 1935, as amended.

Article 15 of the same above Law, prescribes the period of time a body is allowed to be kept. If the body is not in the custody of the States (in reality, if not at the PEH mortuary), the limit of time it may remain is six days, after which the Medical Officer of Health must be informed.

Whether or not Medical Officer of Health notification is required, a body may only be kept without specific authorisation for a maximum of 15 days.  Once this period has expired, mainly due to delays in an inquest or need for further investigation before the release of a body, authorisation has to be obtained from the Law Officers and the Constables of the Parish where the body is, (and in Sark, from the Constables and Seneschal) for the body to be kept 'above ground'. Failure to comply with these provisions constitutes a breach of the relevant law and is punishable by way of a fine. An Above Ground Order must be requested via email to if the human remains are to be kept after 15 days at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital Mortuary.


Post-Mortem Examinations

Post-mortem examinations directed by the Law Officers do not require consent from the deceased's relatives. The following are examples of cases where the Law Officers are likely to direct a post-mortem examination:

Sudden deaths when the doctor cannot sign the death certificate

Allegations of medical negligence

Acute alcohol poisoning/intoxication

Death involving drugs or poisons



Industrial accidents

Death from industrial disease

Death in custody

Road traffic collision

Domestic accidents

Surgery related deaths

Sudden infant death

Pregnancy related deaths


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